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USBéton is hand crafted in Berlin.

USBéton offers an elegant way to protect and share your personal information. Cast in an exclusive high-precision light grey concrete, USBéton is resistant to shock and water - it secures your data better than any other media with elegance and originality.

This series was created by KIX Berlin and developed in collaboration with Thinkconcrete Betonmanufaktur. Each USBéton is hand made with care and love in our workshop in Berlin Kreuzberg @ Atelier 3/4.

USBéton is a registered trademark. All right reserved - Copyright © 2007.

We searched long and hard for the right product; one that would not only convey the quality of our software untermStrich®, but also meet the haptic expectations of our customers – this concrete stick was the perfect choice for architects and engineers. It makes a lasting impression and it generates the ‘got to have it effect.´
— Tanja Lechner, Untermstrich
We loved the idea of offering a limited edition merchandise product that was sexy and functional.
The fact that each concrete USB stick is one of a kind and also they’re being handcrafted in Berlin, made it the perfect fit for us.
— Julia Kress, Brand Manager, Ableton
Wir sind sehr zufrieden, das Produkt hat unsere Erwartungen zu 100% erfüllt.
— Moritz Nachtschatt, Andrea Baidinger Kommunikation
Nous avons été très satisfaits des clés USBéton que nous avons offertes à nos entrepreneurs en maçonnerie et gros œuvre. Elles sont élégantes et donnent à ce matériau ses lettres de noblesse.
— Vincent Simon, APMGO