USBéton in Intramuros n°168

He comes from northern France. So it was no surprise that in 1998 he entered  Valenciennes College of further Education after a two year stint at technical college in order to learn about industrial design and production. Postgraduate training at the CNAM engineering school and a few classes at the Fine Art Academy were all he needed to set himself up on his own. On a trip to Berlin he fell for the city’s charm, tempted by an originality and openness that gave him the feeling of physical and mental space that he needed. He founded in 2007 KIX Studio with Kevin Léné (who left it in 2009) and brought along companies like Decathlon, Legrand and Packard Bell to work on areas like sport, music and lifestyle. His office began to take on the contours of a small business, so as KIX grew, FX was born with the intention of doing more with less. He got away from the spiral of industrial design, sought to reinvent himself and was lucky enough to meet Michael Villanueva a German who in a 30 square metre space made sinks in concrete as one-off pieces and commissions for bathrooms and kitchens. KIX Studio became KIXBERLIN and began to distribute its own work with names like USBéton (USConcrete), a series of three USB keys in concrete produced by Thinkconcrete Manufaktur in Berlin. Made in a limited series and in three sizes, S (4 Gb), M (8 Gb) and L (16 Gb), they come in pale grey or anthracite and can be bought at Sharing data using a heavy material is somewhat of a paradox. Committed to staying in Berlin until at least 2015, he is currently experimenting with a new element: sound. And at the same time studying for an M.A. in sound studies at the Berlin Art College. One to follow.